About Us

Our Mission

SDAAus has the simple mission to build quality homes that provide Participants with the greatest opportunity for independence, personal development and a strong connection to the community.

Our Services

SDAAus has been a Registered SDA Provider with the NDIA since 2019.

Our business has two primary objectives; the first is to build quality SDA in premium locations; and the second is to manage Participant residencies with respect and integrity.

Our services encompass the entire process of SDA development and management.


  • Day-to-day management of SDA
  • Initial Participant engagement & SDA suitability reviews
  • Relationship management of Supported Independent Living Providers (“SIL”)
  • Residential Tenancy Agreements
  • Compliance


  • Locating potential sites for SDA development
  • Initial site profiles and feasibility
  • Locational & Community feasibility reviews
  • Soliciting and acquiring SDA development sites
  • Engagement and management of consultants for the design and planning of SDA
  • Engagement and management of builders for SDA construction

Our Story

Andrew, Luke and Robert first met over 35 years ago having all started school together at St. Fidelis Primary in 1985. Their collective friendship developed through backyard birthday parties, attending Essendon Grammar School and the growth of their families.

In 2012, Andrew’s mother passed away after her long battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Since that period in Andrew’s life, he began to develop a deep passion towards making a meaningful contribution to the advancement of those impacted by disabilities.

In 2018, Andrew shared his dream of developing premium SDA with Luke and Robert.

As Andrew took the time to describe his personal experiences of growing up and supporting his Mother from the time he was a young child until he was an adult, it was clear that he held a true understanding and connection to what he sought to achieve. The development of SDA that provides Participants with the combination of quality accommodation, easy access to community amenities, and strong links to a variety of disability services.

Andrew’s vision is that through the combination of these elements Participants will be provided with the foundation for them to live happy, safe and successful lives.

With the ambition of having a positive social impact and the opportunity to partner with loved and trusted friends, the perfect foundation for the creation of SDAAus was without question.

Robert, Andrew and Luke (from left to right) in their primary school class photo

Andrew’s mum Pamela (left)

Our Team

Andrew Alexander

Executive Director

Andrew’s passion to deliver positive social impacts stems from his personal journey and the memory of his late mother who battled Multiple Sclerosis for much of her adult life. This lived experience is at the essence of SDA’s mission to provide the best possible accommodation environment for participants.

Andrew’s experience in public legal practice includes commercial, litigation, leases, business and family law. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Master of Public Policy and Management, Certificate in Business Management and a Diploma in Education.

His key responsibilities are, business development, Participant relations, supporting independent living and general provider partners, operational execution and service level achievement, and NDIA liaison.

Luke Randles

Executive Director

Luke’s corporate governance experience in the social infrastructure sector previously as General counsel in the Childcare sector ensures the highest standards for our Stakeholders are maintained.

Luke has practiced law for over 18 years with 6 years being as director and principal of Randles Cooper Lawyers. Luke practiced law in areas including corporations’ law, business, administrative law, litigation, leasing and family law.

Luke’s key responsibilities are internal compliance and policy management, legal relationship management (third parties), strategic & corporate risk management, company secretary, and human resources.

Robert Papaleo

Non-executive Director

Robert brings a wealth of experience in identifying and executing on the delivery of social infrastructure projects. This understanding of purpose-built assets will provide the best possible facilities for participants and our provider partners.

Robert is currently Managing Director of Advance Childcare Management Pty Ltd (ACM) and has been an approved provider for childcare services across Victoria for more than a decade.

Robert has been an integral part, as both owner and operator, in the development of childcare centres across greater Melbourne including Fitzroy ELC, Coonans Hill ELC, Brunswick West ELC, Hadfield ELC, Tarneit ELC and Wantirna South ELC.

Roberts’s key responsibilities are strategic SDA investment analysis, funding and capital management, investor relations, and marketing strategy.

Arun Dhir

Chief Financial Officer

Arun is the founding partner of AMT Advisors and is a member of the Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) and holds a Bachelor of Commence (Hons).

Arun has extensive experience in providing corporate, accounting and taxation advice across a variety of sectors, including: childcare; transport (heavy & linehaul); land development; building and construction; water pipeline construction, and retail. Arun has provided specialised advice to a range of clients from sole traders to large scale businesses.

His key responsibilities are financial planning and management, financial strategy and risk management, financial reporting, and ATO and ASIC compliance.