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92 Bentinck Street & 85 Windham Street
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SDAAus has the simple mission to build quality homes that provide Participants with the greatest opportunity for independence, personal development and a strong connection to the community.

Our story began in 1985 when Andrew, Luke and Robert first met at St Fidelis Primary School. Their collective friendship developed over subsequent decades after the three of them completed high school together.

After Andrew’s mother passed away in 2012 after her long battle with Multiple Sclerosis, he began to develop a deep passion towards making a meaningful contribution to the advancement of those impacted by disabilities.

In 2018, Andrew shared his dream of developing premium SDA with Luke and Robert. As he took the time to describe his personal experiences of growing up and supporting his mother from the time he was a young child until he was an adult, it was clear that he held a true understanding and connection to what he sought to achieve.

With the ambition of having a positive social impact and the opportunity to partner with loved and trusted friends, the perfect foundation for the creation of SDAAus was without question.

Andrew Alexander and Luke Randles

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92 Bentinck St & 85 Windham St
Opening September 2023
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24 Victoria Street
Completion Date TBA
Undergoing Design and Planning

Northern Suburbs

Northern Suburbs of Melbourne
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What is the NDIS and SDA?

In 2013, the Federal Government of Australia enacted the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act (the NDIS) to enable people suffering from a disability to receive the support they so richly deserve.

The NDIS has a primary goal to empower Participants of the scheme with decision-making over their own individual supports.

For the first time in Australia’s history, the NDIS contains provision for Participants of the Scheme diagnosed with more acute or severe disabilities to be housed in specially designed dwellings that cater for their individual needs.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) are purpose built (or modified) dwellings that comply with strict design and construction standards established by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

Participants may choose supports to pursue recreational or sporting activities, transportation or mobility equipment, assistance in their daily activities and much, much more.

The NDIS wishes for all Participants of the scheme to live enriched and fulfilled lives.

SDA guidelines contain four discreet design categories of dwelling with each focusing on the different needs of Participants.

Each design category has unique elements that enable Participants to live safely, comfortably and that assist in the provision of their additional daily supports requirements.

SDA guidelines contain a variety building types that place Participants in the enviable position of being able to select the environment that they wish to live.

Participants may choose to live in an inner city apartment so that they can enjoy the energetic nightlife and be close to employment opportunities or, in a county house to be closer to friends and family and enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle.

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